Chris Shella

Chris ShellaChris Shella is a graduate from Marehouse College and the University of Texas at Austin law school. He started his career as a law clerk at the Texas Court of criminal appeals. He was admitted to the practice of law in New York, Maryland, the District of Columbia and North Carolina. Chris Shella has become a popular name in the legal field. He has more than 100 jury trials to his credit.

He is the managing director of Shella & Associates which is a highly reputed law firm in North Carolina providing whole range of law services like multifamily real estate law, franchise licensing and complex employment litigation.

Chris Shella is a prominent figure in the area as his cases have been a part of various channels and newspapers like the New York Times, MSNBC, Fox News, USA Today, Washington Post and many news outlets across the world. His famous cases are the Vegan Baby Case and defense of Duke Lacrosse Case. With over years of experience in the field of law, Chris Shella focuses on white collar litigation, insurance defense and employment law.

Christopher Shella is also a very good author. He has written two books “Reasonable
Facsimile: a tale of woe and redemption” and “Grinding It Out: how to create a six figure law practice”. He is a member of the National Bar Association, the States Bar of New York, Maryland, North Carolina and District of Carolina. He has also been a candidate for the town supervisor in Brookhaven, New York.

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