Famous Cases of Chris Shella

Christopher Shella, residing in Durham, North Carolina with his family started his private practice as a criminal lawyer in 1999. In the present day, he has more than 100 jury trials to his credit. He has handled approximately 70 murder cases, and has got the victory in favor of his clients. The most famous case has been his “Vegan Baby Case”. This case was related to a couple who was held guilty for the death of their infant due to malnutrition.

This is considered as a legendary case which was covered by all the major news channels like CNN, BBC etc. If Christopher Shella, won’t have arbitrated this case, the accused Silva Swinton and her husband could have been behind bars for not less than 25 years. Now let’s discuss about this case. In July 2000, a girl IICE was born to this couple. The health catastrophe transpired when a newborn baby was fed on herbal tea, instead of breast milk. The little baby was given flax seed oil, homemade soy drink instead of baby formulae diet. This made the baby IICE suffer from severe malnutrition, rickets and the baby girl shockingly, just weighed 10 pounds, and her growth was also not normal. According to the doctors, this was a mere case of negligence by both the parents. The doctors testified that the girl was that IICE was seriously ill and her survival was very difficult, which actually led to her death. Silva and her husband Joseph was found following a vegan diet inspired through a TV show, but Eric Rosenbaum a famous nutrition expert said that a vegan diet encourage use of breast milk. On the basis of these statements, the couple was held guilty.

Later on Christopher Shella, came into the picture and turned the tables and brought into limelight few important witnesses who made sure that the couple was declared non-guilty. Throughout the testimony, the main emphasis was given that the couple was not aware that the diet given to the baby is not healthy and can result into such a disastrous situation, leading to death of the innocent 15 month old baby. A doctor also said that the parents seemed very loving and caring. The problem was that the mother was more into the beliefs of being a vegan, and she didn’t realize that the harm caused to IICE could be life threatening and irreparable. A social worker Kelly Harris said, that the parents were really devoted and moreover were a lot concerned about the child and his welfare.

Christopher Shella the lawyer of Swinton’s appealed a verdict in which Christopher said, ” I don’t see justice here, a wrong choice doesn’t makes the parent of IICE depraved, given how much they cared about the child.” He emphasized on the fact that the parents were not aware of endanger happening to the child. Mrs. Swinton was just trying to replicate the chemical composition to the natural ingredients and natural food diet. So nothing was intentional, it was an immense loss to the parents too. She stated that her husband and she herself was on vegan diet since seven years, which proved to be healthy. And adding to this Christopher Shella, proved that the parents were not responsible for the death of the baby girl IICE, the reason was that IICE was premature, which led to her death. Mrs. Swinton was released with a bail of $200,000.

This is how Christopher Shella, proved Mrs. Swinton to be not guilty and henceforth she didn’t get imprisonment. This is how his recommendations have always proved his experience and strategies worthy. He is a man of legal mind with a vast experience.

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